The Law Office of J. Scott Lanford’s Areas of Practice

Focusing on Elder Law, Estate Planning & Trusts Administration in Melbourne, FL

As a Trust and estate planning attorney, we at the Law Office of J Scott Lanford provide our clients with a professional team of lawyers, accountants, and trust officers using a cooperative estate management approach so that all vital areas of estate planning from financial to legal are addressed. Whether the needs include the creation of a detailed will, a trusted professional to manage a trust, or a knowledgeable group to map out a thorough estate plan, our team combines their areas of focus to provide many aspects of estate planning one office.

Experienced in estate planning, our firm includes areas of practice such as:

  • Elder law – There are many necessary and beneficial laws that are designed to protect our senior citizens and their assets.
  • Wills and trusts – Help ensure that your loved ones receive the assets you want them to and avoid probate with a will or trust.
  • Estate planning – Our attorneys and legal professionals can help ensure each of your assets go to the person or organization you want.
  • Power of attorney – Make sure the person you want making financial, healthcare, and childcare decisions is in charge.
  • Probate – If your loved one does not have a will, trust, or if it is disputed, we can provide you with legal representation.
  • Trusts administration – We can take measures to help ensure that your trust is handled exactly how you want.

When is Estate Planning Services Needed?

Questions regarding any estate planning matters can be answered with a quick call to our offices. At the Law Office of J. Scott Lanford, we understand that estate planning is a complex subject that we can help make easy to understand. Contact the Law Office of J. Scott Lanford in Melbourne, FL at (321) 728-9898.



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