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The Importance of Creating a Will

Establishing a will defines a financial future for a client's family and business. The Law Office of J. Scott Lanford in Melbourne can draft a will that determines guardians for a client's children, as well as outline family, friends and others who should receive assets. Without a will, state government determines the outcome of all of someone's financial affairs, often distributing your assets to your spouse and children if you are married and have children. Establishing a will allows you to determine how your assets will be distributed or direct a future for your business.

We can help establish a will that:

  • Determines an executor of an estate. Choosing an executor for your will is key to ensuring prompt, capable management of your possessions and assets according to your direction. An executor typically needs to file court papers to begin the probate process, take an inventory of your belongings, pay for bills and taxes from your estate, prepare final income tax returns, distribute assets and deal with other final paperwork and necessities. An executor can be a trusted family member, friend or third party entity. We can help you determine who would be an appropriate executor who will be able to handle your will efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Decides who inherits property. The key element of a will is determining how to distribute your belongings and assets. This consists of more than just your home or the money in your bank account — your estate also includes any investments, your car, your furniture, other real estates you own and all of your personal possessions. We will help you outline how your property should be distributed, whether you want to specify down to minute details or decide on more general guidelines. Without a will, your property will simply be distributed according to state laws. A will allows you to have the final say in how your assets will be distributed.
  • Securely stores a will until it is needed. The best time to write a will is long before you will need it. The best time to write a will is long before you feel you will need it. Many people put off estate planning until later in life, but we have no way to know how long we will live or whether we will retain our decision-making capacity in our later years. Developing a will earlier on provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your property and loved ones will be taken care of when you are gone. We will securely store it until it is needed and will work with you to update it throughout the years as your assets change.

Why A Living Trust?

As a leading Melbourne attorney, the Law Office of J. Scott Lanford also understands the importance of a living trust as part of a healthy estate plan. A living trust can reduce estate and gift taxes and distribute assets without incurring costs from the probate court. A living trust can also protect finances from creditors and litigation.

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