When Does a Living Will Go Into Effect?

A living will is a document intended to communicate personal interests while an individual is still alive. Unlike a traditional will that covers property distribution and preferences after death, a living will pertains to directives made in life and primarily covers end-of-life medical care. For example, a living will may contain information about healthcare proxies, palliative care, and resuscitation orders. Wills can be as specific as desired.

Living wills vary state to state, so it is important to partner with an attorney to ensure forms are legal.

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In Melbourne,Florida, a living will must meet the legal requirements of the state of Florida, including the format used as well as notarization and witnesses. Regardless of the date of creation, living wills aren’t permanent; they can be revoked or altered at any time.

A living will can be an important part of managing end-of-life affairs. Working with The Law Office of J. Scott Lanford can help ensure your living will meets all state policies to avoid any issues in your treatment.

When does a living will go into effect?

When a living will goes into effect is largely at the discretion of the individual in question. If desired, a living will can go into effect immediately, or it can be utilized only when health deteriorates to the point that it is no longer possible to communicate about treatment. Even if a living will is deemed to take effect immediately, doctors and caretakers will still rely primarily on personal communication rather than any directives within the will. You can state wishes regarding when a will goes into effect in the will itself. This can be updated at any time.

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